Interactive map lets you see the possible effect of a nuclear bomb

The map's prediction for Auckland central.
The map's prediction for Auckland central. Photo credit: Outrider Foundation

A terrifying interactive map is giving users the opportunity to see how a nuclear bomb would affect their city.

The map by the Outrider Foundation aims to educate the public about the impact of nuclear weapons.

It allows the user to select one of four bombs, Little Boy (one of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima), a North Korean ICBM, a US W-87 and a Tsar Bomba, the largest USSR bomb ever detonated.

From there a user can choose a location and the map shows the size of the resulting fireball, shock wave, radiation and heat.

It will also show the estimated number of people that would be injured or killed in a nuclear blast.

It's a scary sight, According to the map if a North Korean ICBM was dropped on Auckland central 40,597 would be killed and 73,769 injured.

The heat would reach 67 square kilometres to as far as Epsom and Devonport and the radiation 11.8 square kilometres out to Newton and Ponsonby.


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