Internet shocked by dog with strikingly humanlike face

  • 15/03/2018

A dog with a face eerily like that of a human has become an unwitting internet sensation after a photo of it went viral.

The picture originally appeared in December last year when 27-year-old Massachusetts woman Chantal Desjardins shared a photo of her shih-poo dog Yogi on Facebook.

It went largely unnoticed outside of Ms Desjardins' circle of Facebook friends, with many remarking on its humanlike features.

Since then, photos of Yogi have been shared on Reddit, making the dog a viral sensation with many erupting with shock and disbelief at the pet's strangely anthropomorphic eyes.

While many questioned if the photo was real, Ms Desjardins has since put video of the odd-looking pet on her Facebook page.

"He is the fluffiest most playful puppy and we all love him," Ms Desjardins told ABC. 

People on Twitter have been comparing the dog to celebrities.