London man dyes face black, turns into human negative

Adam Curlykale in a screenshot from an Instagram video.
Adam Curlykale in a screenshot from an Instagram video. Photo credit: Adam Curlykale/Instagram

A Londoner who has tattooed 90 percent of his body, including his face and eyeballs, says he's not done yet.

His entire face dyed black, combined with his white beard, 32-year-old Adam Curlykale looks like a photographic negative.

"I always knew that I was different from the rest of society," he told the Daily Mail.

"My favourite colour has always been grey - in different tones - and that's why my current skin colour is graphite."

It wasn't done on a whim, however. Mr Curlykale was diagnosed with cancer in his early 20s, and the treatment left him weak and pale, suffering partial albinism. He says the tattoos, which he mostly does himself, allowed him to become "beautiful" again.

"I'm not neutral for people. You either love me or hate me, admire me or feel like vomiting."

Most people in Poland, where he lived, hated it. He said people in Stockholm, Berlin and London have been much more accepting.

"The world isn't ready for people like me but I'm coming out to people to show them that we can live differently, we can live better."

He documented the changes on Instagram. In March 2017, his face looked relatively normal.

By April, the top of his head was done, and he had a dot pattern across his face.

In August, he'd started filling out the region around his eyes.

In October, his appearance wasn't dissimilar to a Klingon.

By December, his negative look was complete. He also showed off his sense of humour, comparing his visage to that of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

Mr Curlykale's not afraid of making himself unemployable - he currently works as a tattooist, and has found extra work as an alternative model.

"I don't want to work for anyone. I don't want to have anyone above me, or below me."

The only spots on his body left untattooed are the soles of his feet, palms, armpits and bottom. He's vowed to fill those parts in eventually.

Though he's been dubbed the 'human negative', if you invert the colour of one of his photographs he doesn't actually look remotely normal.

Adam Curlykale inverted.
Adam Curlykale inverted. Photo credit: Adam Curlykale/Instagram/Newshub.