Man live tweets hunting down, confronting workmate who stole lunch

Shrimp fried rice.
Shrimp fried rice. Photo credit: Getty

A man's relatable response to his workmate stealing his lunch has gone viral after a witness live tweeted the ensuing drama.

LA writer Zak Toscani rejoiced at being able to watch the incident unfold at the post-production company where he works.

It began with the victim of the lunch theft going to HR and demanding to see the security tape to identify the thief.

"Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they've agreed to let him watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited I've ever been at any job ever. Ever," Mr Toscani wrote.

When the man returned, Mr Toscani was excited to discover the thief was a woman who sat next to him, meaning he would probably see the resulting confrontation.

"So the man who's [sic] lunch was stolen sits across from me. The person who stole his lunch sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME! She left for the day before the investigation started," he wrote.

Apparently the lunch thief didn't even eat the food, instead throwing it in the bin and leaving the victim without his shrimp fried rice.

The victim opted not to go any further with HR on the theft, instead personally confronting the woman when she got back to the office and saw a companywide email about stealing lunches.

"After seeing the HR email she says out loud 'Woah. Someone stole a lunch? Who would do something like that?'... I may have to run out of this room," Mr Toscani said.

"After she said that, shrimp guy responds 'well yea it's not ok to throw someone's food away' we're all about to start screaming."

The woman showed no remorse for her actions, instead calling the victim out for going to HR about the theft.

"This shits about to get crazier. After he says that she goes 'oh it was your lunch?' BEAT she continues 'well why would you go to HR about that?'," Mr Toscani said.

"Dude just sighed and went back to work after she said what she said. She looks [frighteningly] calm."


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