Man who robbed young girl weeps when sentenced to three years in jail

Warning: This video contains content that may disturb some people.

A man who robbed a young girl in broad daylight wept in court as he was sentenced to three years in prison, Metro has reported. 

In February, CCTV footage captured 22-year-old Patrik Gunar robbing a 12-year-old of her iPhone in the English city of Derby. 

Originally from Slovakia, Gunar could be seen walking down the street before abruptly turning back and grabbing the young girl.

Despite fighting back, the victim was wrestled to the ground and had her iPhone 6s taken from her. 

Gunar pled guilty to the robbery.

Metro reported Gunar told police he targeted his victim because she was "easy prey" and "just a little girl". 

His actions sparked outrage online, with celebrities sharing the footage and a crowdfunding page established to support the girl. 

In a statement issued by police, the victim thanked the public for support she'd received. 

'The heart-warming comments mean a great deal to me and my family. The public reaction really raised my self-confidence after I initially felt very low following the incident," she said.