Midwife admits affair with woman's partner after delivering her baby

Joanna Lumsden
Joanna Lumsden Photo credit: Facebook/One Born Every Minute

A midwife in the UK has admitted she had an affair with the partner of a woman whose baby she delivered.

The woman, known only by the false name Rachel, revealed to the Liverpool Echo that midwife Joanna Lumsden told her about the affair shortly after she gave birth.

According to Rachel her partner went to Benidorm on a "lad's holiday" shortly before she realised she was pregnant. While he was there he met Ms Lumsden and the affair began.

When he returned he made frequent excuses for missing appointments and scans during the pregnancy, and eventually missed the birth at Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Ms Lumsden was however present at the birth, even going as far as holding the baby and inserting a suppository into Rachel for pain relief.

Shortly afterward while Rachel was still in hospital recovering from the birth, Ms Lumsden confessed to the affair.

A few days later Rachel tearfully told the community midwife about the incident, leading to Ms Lumsden calling her and revealing details of the affair.

Rachel has now laid an official complaint with the hospital and Ms Lumsden, along with the community midwife are the subject of disciplinary proceedings.

The Liverpool Women's Hospital Trust apologised and upheld the complaint.

"The trust took this action immediately upon being made aware of the incident and an internal investigation was also conducted," a spokesperson told the Liverpool Echo.

It's a small comfort to Rachel, who says her memories of the birth of her daughter have been tainted by the experience.

"I am now left with a life-long memory of the midwife holding my newborn baby in her arms with the knowledge that she was having sexual relations with my baby's father during my pregnancy," she said.

"This will haunt me for as long as I live."


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