Monster snow storm kills three within a day in UK

The UK's deep freeze is worsening as two weather fronts collide.

The monster snow storm 'The Beast from the East' has joined forces with storm Emma.

Three people have died in blizzard-related accidents in the last day, including a 7-year-old girl, and the Met Office warns southern Wales and south-west England will be hardest hit in the next 12 hours.

There a frightening near-miss on the outskirts of Edinburgh as a car spun out of control on an icy road, narrowly missing one the last buses to run before service was cut off. 

In central Scotland a huge blizzard trapped 1000 drivers on a motorway for 24 hours.

Kind locals delivered mars bars, biscuits and even full meals to the vehicles.

A warning to avoid travel covers most of the United Kingdom, but some people are still desperate to get through.

A 16 car pile-up outside Manchester injured 20 people, and a highway officer's car caught fire in the Pennines Range with no way to get help to extinguish it.

Nurses in Lincolnshire are also snowed in - so they've started sleeping in hospitals to make sure they're there for patients.

The extreme weather is also restricting gas flow to the UK through pipes from the Netherlands.

Prices are soaring and the National Grid warned there may soon not be enough to meet demand.

In southern Wales, there's a more immediate problem as rural towns have run out of food.    

Over the next 12 hours, the Met Office warns of severe snow storms in southern Wales and south-west England that could cause more deaths.