Mother and daughter dogs rehomed together after guarding owner's dead body for weeks

Indigo and Blue.
Indigo and Blue. Photo credit: Facebook/ Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Two elderly dogs have been given a new home together after a traumatic experience guarding their owner for two weeks as he lay dead.

Mother daughter pair Indigo and Blue were discovered by Tasmania police when they entered the property to perform a welfare check, ABC reports.

The police were faced with a grim sight, as both Indigo and Blue were very protective and refused let anyone to come near them.

Specialist dog catcher Des was called in and the dogs were taken to the Brightside Farm Sanctuary, owned by Emma Haswell.

Initially things weren't looking good; it's not easy to find a new home for older dogs like 12-year-old Indigo and 10-year-old Blue. But a vet who had previously adopted another dog from Ms Haswell was quick to take in the pair, and she has no doubt they're in good hands.

"She took another old dog from me once before - a 10-year-old shepherd that had been left out the back of a fish and chip shop and had been in a terrible state of ill health," Ms Haswell told ABC. "He could hardly walk, and he looked and behaved like a five-year-old dog by the time she had finished with him."