Mother's horror as daughter receives huge electric shock from garden tap

An Australian mother has described her horror as she watched her 11-year-old receive a huge electric shock from a garden tap.

A major investigation is underway into how the metal tap became electrified in Perth, leaving Denishar Woods on life support from last Saturday.

"The hose has gripped my daughter's body and just taken her down and fried her," her distraught mother Lacey Harrison told Perth Now.

"I touched my daughter and the current pulled me down onto her.

"I could hear this electrical sound going through my body and a burning."

Denishar wasn't breathing when paramedics arrived, still gripping the tap which gave her the shock. Doctors managed to revive her and get her to the intensive care unit.

Whether she will pull through is still touch and go, Ms Harrison told Perth Now.

"We don't know... whether she's going to live or not because of the damage and how much oxygen she may have lost to the brain.

"I'm supposed to be in hospital myself but they released me to be by my daughter's side."

Ms Harrison said she had reported other electrical problems in the months leading to the incident, including a "burning smell" for which no cause could be found.

The power had gone out earlier that day and Ms Harrison says she experienced a "tingle" in her finger when she went to turn it back on.