New dashcam footage shows horrifying Florida bridge collapse

Dashcam footage has emerged of the horrifying moment a bridge collapsed in Florida.

The pedestrian bridge at Florida International University had only been in place for a few days when it crumbled on March 15 (local time).

Video captured by a dashboard-mounted camera shows the bridge abruptly collapsing onto several lanes of traffic.

Surviving motorists can be seen flinging their car doors open and running toward the wreckage while dust swirls in the air.

Six people died in the accident, which officials are still investigating. Hours beforehand, engineers and university staff met to discuss a crack that had appeared in the structure.

They concluded that the crack was not a safety concern and the structure of the bridge had not been compromised.

Authorities say the bridge, which was due to be completed in 2019, was undergoing a stress test when it crumbled.