Ohio student suspended for staying in class during US gun protests

A United States school student who stayed in class during this week's nationwide gun violence protests has been suspended.

Hilliard Davidson school in Ohio gave Jake Shoemaker two options on Wednesday - to either go outside and join the protesters, or move to a designated area for non-protesters within the school.

But neither of those options suited Mr Shoemaker, who told ABC6 he felt it was forcing him to pick a side of the debate. Instead, he chose to do his schoolwork.

His suspension letter, which has since been posted online, reads: "Student refused to follow instructions."

The suspension is for one full school day.

Spokeswoman for the school Stacie Raterman told ABC6 no student was suspended for not walking out.

The photo of the letter has gained thousands of comments on Facebook. Mr Shoemaker's father's number was included at the bottom of the letter, and he says he's received more than 100 calls from people who thought he was the principal.

"It has not been a fun day for me," Scott Shoemaker told ABC6.

"I've had a couple of death threats too."

The student's father plans to meet with school officials in the coming weeks.


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