Quick-thinking UK teen saves baby, elderly woman from house fire

Quick-thinking UK teen saves baby, elderly woman from house fire
Photo credit: GoFundMe

A 15-year-old boy is being praised by his community after rushing into a burning building to save a baby and its grandmother.

London resident Jack Wood spotted smoke coming out of the house across the road from his on Tuesday morning (local time), The Croydon Times reports.

He quickly ran into his house and told his mother to call the fire brigade before rushing away because he "had to save the baby".

He barrelled into the house, removed the baby and its grandmother, and then quickly extinguished the fire at its source, the home's tumble dryer.

He told The Croydon Times it was a simple decision to run into the fire considering the home's occupants.

"I know the people who live there, so I knew that there was a baby inside and that the gran might not be able to get out very quickly," Jack explained.

"So I ran in, got the baby out first, and then went back in to save the gran."

His mother told the paper Jack "didn't think twice" about running in to help.

Jack believes if he hadn't run in the baby may have died, as the grandmother was having trouble standing up when he arrived.

Firefighters from the London Fire Brigade arrived after Jack had left the house.

A spokesperson said while Jack's actions were very brave, nobody should attempt to copy his actions unless there are extenuating circumstances.