Reusable toilet paper is apparently on the rise

  • 14/03/2018
'Family cloth' is being offered as an alternative to toilet paper.
'Family cloth' is being offered as an alternative to toilet paper. Photo credit: Etsy/CreeksideKid

A growing number of families are ditching toilet paper rolls in favour of an eco-friendly alternative - reusable cloths.

Known as a 'family cloth', the new hygiene practice involves using pieces of cloth to clean up with after using the bathroom. They are then washed and reused.

Multiple brands offer versions of family cloths, which are touted as a sustainable alternative to toilet paper.

An anonymous woman told Buzzfeed that her family began using the cloths less than a year ago in order to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

"Using a family cloth was just the next logical step in our family's efforts to conserve and reduce our carbon footprint."

She clarified that the family owns "dozens" of cloths, rather than one for the entire family. They keep a container of clean cloths in the bathroom, as well as a hamper for dirty cloths. They are cleaned twice a week.

She also said that they only use the cloths after urinating - for anything more heavy duty, they use baby wipes which are then put in the rubbish rather than flushed.

"The ultimate goal is to attach bidets to our toilets, and then use that to cleanse after a poop and then, yes, to use the cloths to pat dry."

As for guests who feel squeamish about the cloth system, she says the family keeps a box of tissues in the bathroom for exactly that purpose.

She says the concept of reusing wipes is no different than reusing underwear after it's been washed, and that it's a practice anyone can get into.

"No matter your relationship status, your sex or gender identity, your political affiliation, tax bracket, ethnicity, or religion, reusable cloth personal wipes are delightful and they are for you."

People on social media have had strong reactions to the interview, including model Chrissy Teigen.

Others are sceptical of how environmentally friendly using cloths can really be.