Self-proclaimed 'time traveller' interviews himself from the future

A man who claims to be a "time traveller" from the year 2030 has hit the headlines again, this time for interviewing a version of himself from 2070. 

The man, who goes by the name of Noah, hit the news last month when he appeared in a video posted by YouTube channel Apex TV with his voice and face obscured. 

He made claims about the future such as artificial intelligence will take over the world within the next 12 years and Donald Trump will get re-elected as US President in 2020.

They are hardly earthshattering revelations; however the self-proclaimed time traveller said he had evidence of his claims but could not reveal any of it because of a "paradox", prompting many people to claim it was all made up.

The same paradox might well have prevented him from interviewing a future version of himself; however, he did it in a new video once again posted by Apex TV.  

In the unconvincing footage, in which both men's faces are blurred, Noah claims his future self gives him information that proves who he is, but he can't disclose it in case the government gets to him. 

"He shared a bunch of personal stuff about things I did. 

"He said a sequence of events since I came back to 2017. This is the type of stuff someone would have to stalk me to know," Noah said. 

"I believe it is me from the future," he proclaims at the end. 

Noah doesn't seem to mind that his future self comes across as an overweight, trailer-park trash stoner.  

Noah 2070 tells us cars are faster in the future and you can programme them to drive you somewhere - technology only a few years away in 2018. 

Self-proclaimed 'time traveller' interviews himself from the future

He also says a war is raging on Earth and is spilling into space, and mumbles something about satellites, before adding time travellers from the future get micro-chipped to prevent them from saying anything that could change the sequence of events. 

This surprising news is in direct contrast to another self-proclaimed time traveller, who this week announced he had come back from the year 4040 to warn us about a future that sounds very much like the Terminator movies. 

The Daily Star reported the unnamed Siberian time-travelling scientist said in 3213 mankind developed an artificial intelligence, which by 4040 had developed into a robot army that had all but destroyed mankind.  

He doesn't say if John Connor was leading the resistance or if Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to save him.