Snowmen vs snowpeople debate heats up chilly UK

The UK's bitter cold snap has Brits wondering if it's time to stop making snowmen, and start making snowpeople.

Several Twitter users have removed their fluffy gloves to tweet their support for "genderless snow figures", reports The Independent website Indy100.

"My daughters says everyone makes #Snowman let's make a #Snowwoman," tweeted @FoysolChoudhury.

"Our kids had a great day building snowpeople," wrote @black_fionnuala.

The debate has reportedly made it to daytime TV in the UK, with chat show The Wright Stuff asking its viewers their thoughts.

Turns out not everyone's keen, with many suggesting it was "PC gone mad".

"If you call snowmen #snowpeople, do the right thing and throw yourself of a cliff," said @ZHolloway.

"Seriously? 2 balls of snow and a carrot have a gender?" asked @LouLou2109. "

Even high-profile journalist Piers Morgan mocked the movement, tweeting: "Right, I'm off to build a non-binary gender fluid snowperson."

Last week the cold weather forced a pub to cancel its popular snail race.