Spring Break tweet labelled as public shaming

Fred Young has said the tweet was done as a joke.
Fred Young has said the tweet was done as a joke. Photo credit: LxrdFredo/Twitter

A Spring Break party goer's tweet has gone viral, but not for the reason he was hoping. 

Fred Young was celebrating the student holiday in Miami when he took a photo with Taylor Jordan.

The two exchanged numbers with the intention of sharing party information later on. 

He texted her later that night, but when Ms Jordan never responded, Mr Young took to twitter to vent his frustration.  

"Met a couple new girlfriends in Miami. Plot twist: I actually got their numbers, but now they're back home with their boyfriends and won't reply. I miss them though. Twitter do ya thang ig (sic)," Mr Young tweeted. 

While this was retweeted 2000 times, it was Ms Jordan's response that went viral.

"LMAO (sic), first of all, I don't have a boyfriend. I just didn't reply," Mr Young replied. 

Her response has since been retweeted more than 80,000 times with Ms Jordan telling News.com.au she felt she had been shamed and misrepresented for not texting back. 

"My friends and I met him on the beach where he offered us some shots, asked for a picture, and then asked for my number so he could text me about the parties later," she said. "I didn't end up (needing) any party information that night, so I never responded when he (texted) me."

Ms Jordan said the initial tweet upset her because she felt the situation portrayed her in a negative light.

"I saw it as him taking a shot at me and the other girls in aims to 'publicly shame/humiliate' us in a way." 

"He felt entitled to a response, didn't get one, then tried to gain something from it by taking it public lol (sic)."

However Mr Young told news.com.au that the post was done as a joke. 

"I see a lot of tweets circulating of people meeting girls in Miami and not getting their numbers so I decided to make a satire of that with the photos I collected."

He said he never intended for the post to blow up as he only had around 300 followers at the time.



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