Stormy Daniels files fresh lawsuit against Donald Trump's lawyer

After her 60 Minutes interview grabbed headlines on Monday (NZ time), Stormy Daniels has struck again.

The porn star, who filed a lawsuit against the President earlier this month, told the programme she and her daughter were threatened after trying to tell her story about an alleged affair with Mr Trump.

Now she's announced she's suing President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen for calling her a liar.

Ms Daniels' lawsuit alleges that Mr Cohen made a false statement that damaged her reputation when he implied in a statement in February that she was lying.

It also alleges that when she was paid for her silence, it was a violation of election campaign financing law.

The President limited his response to the 60 Minutes claims, with a tweet referring to fake news but no mention of Ms Daniels by name.

Ms Daniels first filed a lawsuit against Mr Trump on March 6, saying he never signed an agreement for her to keep quiet about an "intimate" relationship between them in 2006.

The White House and Mr Cohen have both denied Mr Trump had an affair with Ms Daniels.


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