Teen blogger arrested for offering free sex at Chinese hotel

A 19-year-old Chinese travel blogger has caused a commotion in a popular tourist destination after she advertised free sex to increase her social media following.

The woman, known only as Miss Yee, posted at around 8pm on March 1 offering anyone who wanted to visit her "free sex service", The Daily Mail reports.

"Who's coming to get me...to have sex...for free," she wrote, adding in her hotel room number.

Around 3000 people flocked to the Double Tree hotel in the popular southern China city of Sanya to take up the offer.

Miss Yee quickly backtracked on the offer, commenting on her original post to say it was all only a joke and asking for people to stop coming.

She then deleted the post, but was forced to leave the hotel at 10pm after people kept knocking on her door and the hotel concierge was inundated with calls.

Police then arrested Miss Yee at a hotel near the airport, on suspicion of advertising about prostitution.

Her Weibo social media account has now been taken down.

In a statement following the event, Miss Yee admitted she made the post as an attempt to boost her following on social media.

She has been sentenced to a 15-day detention and a 500 yuan (NZ$108) fine for the incident.