The absolute worst Stephen Hawking tributes

Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday, prompting a flood of tributes to the man who demystified the stars.

But some people have paid their respects in some questionable ways. 

Actress Kirstie Alley, who is as well-known for yo-yo dieting and Scientology as she is for her acting, had this to say:

The tweet caused as much baffled hilarity as it did offense. 

"This is so funny I can't believe it," wrote one user in response. "It's so heartless in the least emotional way. I can't stop thinking about her writing it."

"RIP or whatever," one person remarked.

"Do you do greeting cards?" joked another.

In another bizarre tweet, American archaeologist Professor Sarah Parcak claimed that Hawking almost killed her once.

The tweet prompted others to come forward with their tales of near-misses with the physicist, whose wheelchair was as famous as he was. Some seemed genuinely annoyed at the memory, although all made sure to add an 'RIP' note at the end of their tweets.

Meanwhile Brazilian football star Neymar has been slammed for posting a photo of himself in a wheelchair in what some have deemed an insensitive tribute to Professor Hawking.

The athlete is currently recovering from an ankle injury, and posted a shot of himself posing with his wheelchair and moon boot on Instagram.

The caption read: "You have to have a positive attitude and get the best out of the situation in which you find yourself" in his native Portuguese, a quote he attributed to Hawking.

The image angered many online, with one person accusing Neymar of "using the death of Stephen Hawking and his disability to publicise his recovery for a broken leg". 

"Repulsive," they added.

"Neymar there with his broken toe and sprained ankle, attempting to draw a comparison to Stephen Hawking, who had debilitating ALS for over 50 years," wrote another.

Perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious tribute to the late Professor Hawking came courtesy of UK breakfast TV show This Morning.

After the presenters sadly announced his death, the TV show cut to a montage of photos of the physicist - set to the body positivity anthem 'All About That Bass' by Meghan Trainor.

The 2014 hit is undoubtedly a banger, but seemed an odd choice with which to honour a man best known for his theories regarding quantum mechanics.

The use of the song appeared to be a mistake, as after a few seconds it hastily cut out to be replaced with a recorded quote from Hawking.

It's unlikely Professor Hawking would have been offended by any of these tone-deaf tributes, as the mathematician, scientist and author was widely known for his sense of humour.