The secret dryer filter where your missing socks may be hiding

The sock and filter.
The sock and filter. Photo credit: Twitter/ Danielle Carr

One UK mum has uncovered a possible answer to an age-old mystery - where do all the socks disappear to in the wash?

Danielle Carr, 25, found a mystery filter on her washing machine, underneath the most commonly used filter on the inside of the dryer door, Mirror Online reports.

She uses a Bloomberg machine at home, but some other machines may use the double filter system as well.

"My tumble dryer wasn't working very well," she told Mirror Online.

"So I checked the filter in the inside. There's a little drop-down bit in the bottom, but on the outside, I saw a button I hadn't noticed before and it opened up a second filter.

"I had a look. I thought it was fluff, at first, but then I pulled it out and it was a sock.

"Then I found another one and another."

The socks Ms Carr found in the filter were thoroughly covered with lint and, according to her, useless, but she's unlikely to leave that filter neglected now she knows it's there.

"Obviously, they're ruined, so we can't wear them," she told the Mirror Online. "It's just nice to know where they all got to.

"A friend called too and said a lot of the socks get stuck in the seal in the washing machine, so it's worth checking in there too."