UK mother 'fuming' after school makes autistic son wear hi-vis

Joanne Logan's six-year-old son.
Joanne Logan's six-year-old son. Photo credit: Facebook / Joanne Logan

A UK mother has been left "fuming" after finding out school teachers forced her autistic son to wear a hi-vis jacket on lunch breaks.

Joanne Logan, 42, said she only found out her six-year-old son was made to wear the bib at Cherry Lane Primary School when he told her about it.

"He said: 'My teachers have said I have to wear a bib so that they know where I am at break times'," Ms Logan told Get West London.

"They decided to do this and it's disgusting - it's discrimination."

Ms Logan told Get West London she understands her son isn't always allowed out at break time "because he has been accused of hurting other children".

"I know there's an issue there which the school have to work with me on," she said, but added making him wear a bib isn't "the best way to deal with it".

However in a statement to Get West London the school claimed it had told Ms Logan about the bib.

"Decisions made concerning the welfare of all Cherry Lane pupils are done so on an individual needs basis.

"Visibility tabards [reflective vests] are used for a variety of reasons in our playground.

"Should a parent change their mind regarding our practice, we work with them accordingly."