US man buys his 6yo daughter a pistol to fight back in case of school shooting

Adrianna with her gun.
Adrianna with her gun. Photo credit: Facebook / Joshua McDonald

A US man has provided his six-year-old daughter with a pistol to take to school, saying it will help her in case of a school shooting.

New Hampshire man Joshua McDonald gave his daughter Adrianna a .22 calibre Ruger pistol for her birthday, choosing the gun specifically due to lighter recoil for her small hands, reports.

Adrianna regularly goes shooting with her father and he insists that she's well aware of gun safety, especially due to her mother's input.

"[Her mother's] the worrisome one who knows proper firearm practices for our daughter may save her life one day," Mr McDonald told

"With school shootings becoming so common these last few years we both want her prepared and ready to defend herself if at all possible with a firearm."

Mr McDonald says he's grown up around guns and always noticed the different between somebody who was trained in weapons and somebody who was not.

"When I was growing up I had friends who showed interest in guns but didn't have proper training with them or education," he said.

"You could easily see the difference in how they handled a firearm. Honestly that scared me so I do my best to teach my family how to do it properly and safely."

Unlike gun control advocates Mr McDonald doesn't believe in banning AR-15 rifles to stop school shootings, instead putting his faith in some of Donald Trump's policies like arming teachers.

"I think arming teachers is a great idea or even something as simple as hiring retired active duty marines or army veterans," he told

"One in every school would sure make a difference in my mind."