US prisoner's comic escape from police custody

A US man who was arrested managed to escape from police custody while the officers' backs were turned.

CCTV footage from inside a police station garage in Indiana shows two cop cars pulling in, one containing the recently arrested Michael Maldonado.

The 25-year-old was taken into custody on charges of resisting law enforcement, resisting law enforcement with injury and possession of a hypodermic needle, Fox 59 reports.

Two police officers can be seen getting out of their respective cars and talking with each other, while the garage door begins to close.

While their backs are turned, Maldonado makes his escape.

The detainee can be seen opening the car door and running towards the exit, his hands still cuffed together.

Police give chase but he makes it through the garage door just before it closes, leaving the officers to try to reopen the door. They were unable to catch the escapee.

Two hours later, a stolen car was reported which police believe was taken by Maldonado.

He is still on the run.


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