Vehicle rams concert at British nightclub

A vehicle has charged into a UK nightclub with a number of people reported to have been seriously injured.

Witnesses told the Daily Mail that at around 11:47pm on Saturday (local time), a Suzuki 4X4 Vitira smashed into Blake's Nightclub in the town of Gravesend, Kent, after a man was refused entry onto the premises. 

The venue was at the time hosting a concert for London hip-hop artist Giggs. 

Footage from the incident shows security guards wrestling the driver to the ground as punters shout and react. 

One concertgoer told the Daily Mail that when the incident occurred, he initially thought the gig was about to begin, as the crowd suddenly rushed to a room where the rapper was waiting. 

"The place went on lockdown for a bit but I just grabbed my mates and tried to get out of there as quickly as I could," he said.

"We could see bodies on the floor but they did not look like they were unconscious, people were looking shocked."

He explained that the Suzuki had entered a smoking area of the building and that while one of his friends' mates was injured, he was thought to be in stable condition. 

Kent Police said in a statement they've arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder. 

"A number of people have sustained injuries. This is not been being treated as a terror-related incident," the statement said.