What to do with your creepy old dolls

What to do with your creepy old dolls
Photo credit: Instagram/ MyNameIsNess and vintagetrixie

A blog for mums has suggested a novel use for old, creepy dolls - planting new life inside their plastic heads.

Scary Mommy blog says doll-head planters are the latest decor trend, and there are plenty of people on Instagram who are on board.

People are severing the tops of dolls heads and then placing succulents inside, while others are taking the idea further and going as far as to plant inside a doll's cut up body.

Some people have chosen to use plants that look like the doll's hair, with more flowery plants used for boys and spiky plants for girls.

Scary Mommy says the decor trend is a good way to re-use old and unwanted toys, and also to horrify friends and family.

Blog Simple Most has posted a set of instructions for how to make your own creepy doll planter:

  • Remove the doll's head using a rotary tool or sharp blade
  • Using a craft knife, take off the top of the doll's head to make enough room for the plant inside
  • Stuff the neck hole with moss to make sure that soil doesn't fall out of the neck
  • Add potting mix and your plant of choice