Woman caught on camera vandalising Audi

The woman was caught on dash cam twice.
The woman was caught on dash cam twice. Photo credit: Evan Hansimikali/Facebook

A mysterious woman has been caught not once, but twice, vandalising an Audi on dash cam.

The footage from the Sydney suburb of Dover Heights shows a woman walking in front of an Audi and subtly scraping a key along the front. 

The practice known as "keying" is a common form of vandalism. 

The vehicle's owner, Evan Hansimikali, told the Daily Mail Australia that he installed the dash cam after his car was keyed four times. The woman has since gone on to damage the vehicle's bonnet twice more. 

"I actually can't believe this person we don't know keeps doing this. How mentally deranged can someone be?" Mr Hansimikali wrote on his Facebook page.

Mr Hansimikali believed he was being targeted at random as he was not doing anything illegal.

"The rangers and council allow the majority of our street to park in their driveways as long as there is room for pedestrians," he told the Daily Mail

"We work hard to get ahead and it's shocking that someone would vandalise and maliciously damage someone else's property for no apparent reason."