Woman starts chain reaction of kindness after bike is stolen

Woman starts chain reaction of kindness after bike is stolen
Photo credit: CBS News

A woman who put up a sign after her bike was stolen has started a chain reaction of kindness in her Brooklyn neighbourhood.

The first time Caroll Gardens resident Amanda Needham locked her bicycle outside her home, it was stolen.

She then created a massive sign and stuck it on her gate, hoping it would catch the eye of the thief.

"I hope you need [the bike] more than I do. It costs $200 used and I need it to get to work. Please bring it back," the sign read.

"I figured a sign is a fun way to get people to at least see me and hear me," she told CBS News.

"And also maybe the thief would see it himself or herself and feel a little bad."

While her bike was never returned, she was met with kindness from her neighbours.

"Two gentlemen stopped by and gave me a kid's mountain bike thinking I might be able to use it," Ms Needham said.

"A young Hispanic woman gave me a huge hug. One guy named Steve paid me $200 for my sign because he saw that I needed that much for a bike."

She was so moved by her community's kindness that she took the kid's mountain bike to her local bike shop to get it serviced, so she could pass it on to a child who could use it.

The owner of The Bike Shop, Joanna Nicolosi, was inspired by Ms Needham's story and offered to tune it up for free.

"Bicycles get stolen every day, so I know people really hurt, but it's really nice that someone had an extra bike and was willing to donate their bike," Ms Nicolosi told CBS News.

"I hope that more people do little acts of kindness that results in small moments for other people to feel good in our crazy world."

Ms Nicolosi plan to donate the bike to a child in need at the end of the month.