Woman tries to open plane door during flight, claims to be God

Passengers on board a US flight had to restrain a woman who tried to open the plane cabin's door.

A video posted online shows her repeating the phrase "I am God" while being held down in the aisle. A man is seen trying to tie her feet together.

Moments before the footage was taken, the distressed woman had allegedly tried to open the cabin door while the plane was in the air.

The SkyWest Airlines plane was headed from San Francisco to Idaho, and had 73 passengers on board.

The aircraft landed safely and the woman was taken in by waiting police for medical evaluation.

A local prosecutor will decide if charges should be filed against the woman, CBS reports.

It is physically impossible to open an aircraft door while a plane is at a high altitude because of cabin pressure, which causes the door to act like a drain plug. 

Cabin doors are also secured by electric and mechanical latches, meaning an unruly passenger would be unable to open the door with their bare hands.