American boxer wearing Trump wall-themed shorts knocked out by Mexican opponent

Vargas beating Salka.
Vargas beating Salka. Photo credit: Twitter

An American boxer wearing pro-Donald Trump shorts has been walloped by his Mexican opponent, throwing in the towel after six rounds.

Boxing fans on Thursday night couldn't miss "Lightning" Rod Salka's shorts, which featured a brick wall pattern on the legs and "America first" on the waistband, Business Insider reports.

His opponent, Francisco "El Bandido" Vargas, easily overpowered Salka, including a knockdown in the fifth round that left the Trump supporter dazed in the corner before getting up just before the whistle blew.

Social media was quick to make fun of Salka for the loss, many mentioning an unsuccessful political run in 2017. The boxer had run as a Republican for District 38 of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives but lost to Democratic incumbent William Kortz II.

"Salka ran as a Trumpkin Republican to join the embarrassing Pennsylvania legislature last year. He lost. Bigly," one Twitter user wrote.

"Rod Salka wore 'America First' with Trump's brick wall decorating his trunks... & a Mexican fighter just broke him down & made quit on his stool. Breaking Trumps wall. You can't make this stuff up," another said.