Aussie comedian calls Anzac Day 'f**king disgusting'

  • 25/04/2018

An Australian comedian has received a vitriolic response after claiming Anzac Day is "f**king disgusting".

Catherine Deveny took to social media to share her controversial views this week, calling it a "Bogan Halloween".

But she's been met with a fierce backlash from the Aussie public - including allegations of rape threats.

"ANZAC Day is f**king disgusting and should have gone in the bin decades ago," she said on Facebook.

"As it gets closer my head feels tighter and tighter and I feel more and more nauseous. I blame the collective cognitive dissonance seeping in. I abhor ANZAC Day and can't wait til it's over.

"I am so delighted to hear the chorus increasing every year saying 'Anzac Day is bullshit. It's a Trojan Horse for racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, violence, homophobia and discrimination'."

Ms Deveny also had little sympathy for those who serve in Australia's Defence Force.

"Why do people in the armed forces use the word 'serve' to describe their work despite it being no more dangerous or prone to upheaval than many other jobs?" she asked.

"It's just a job and work. Throw the term 'serve' in the bin. It's part of the fetishisation of war and violence."

The Australian Defence Association accused Ms Deveny of being "deliberately provocative".

"(She) ignores that serving in our Defence Force means accepting the obligation to 'work' in an unlimited liability occupation," the Association said told The Australian. "That's why it's serving, not just working."

Others were even less complementary, and responded to her posts on Facebook.

"An eloquently written venomous heap of vomit. You enjoy the freedoms they fought and died for, you dopey and ungrateful imbecile," one person commented.

Others allegedly sent Ms Deveny criminal threats in retaliation for her views.