Aussie fisherman's gut-wrenching discovery

An Australian man has shared the gut-wrenching moment he cut open his fishing catch to find worms squirming around inside.

Alvin Lim shared the post on a Perth fishing Facebook page, saying it's not the first time it's happened.

"Got a yellowtail kingfish off rotto, and got a total of about eight of these worms from the flesh," he wrote. Rotto refers to Rottnest Island, just off the Perth shore.

"Are they the same over east? Seem to be a common thing here in the west."

The parasites are either roundworms or nematodes, associate professor at Perth's Murdoch University told 7 News.

He says it could cause infections if an infested fish is not cooked properly.

"There are possibly a lot of cases that go undiagnosed. Treatment is either by removing the nematode(s), or the nematode passes."

Other Aussie fishers in the area commented on the post saying they'd also found similar worms in kingfish.