Australian mother fears release of killer who murdered her child

The mother of a young girl killed in Sydney says there's no justice now that her killer has been spotted out shopping.

Karihana Baharrell, mother of Chloe Hoson who was murdered at five years old, says 15 years on from her death she finds it almost impossible to cope.

Their neighbour Timothy Kosocwiz admitted he strangled Chloe and then suffocated her with plastic bags in November 2003, for no reason, then indecently assaulted her and discarded her body in a creek.

In 2005 the New South Wales Supreme Court ruled he was so deranged he was found not guilty of murder and committed to a hopsital. Before her death, he had just been released from a psychiatric hospital.

The last Ms Baharrell saw of her daughter was when she came inside calling out "Mum, Mum!" and she was busying cleaning so told her to go back outside and play, according to Channel 7.

Ms Baharrell suffers from agrophobia, meaning she experiences crushing anxiety when she must go outdoors and into crowded places.

"If that can happen to Chloe then that can happen to me," she told Channel 7.

Now Kosocwiz has been seen out in the community shopping with his mother after staying with her in Victoria, and Ms Baharrell wants to know why he allowed to roam outside the hospital grounds. She only found out through a relative who "heard it through the grapevine". 

According to, Kosowics has been returned to hospital but could be freed soon.

"I felt like justice left the minute that he was allowed to come out," she said.

NSW Minister for Mental Health Tanya Davies would not comment on why Kosocwiz was seen outside of the hospital, saying she could not do so for legal reasons.