Australian 'Tinny Rats' share reckless boating behaviour

Teenagers in Australia are causing havoc in a new trend that sees them performing outrageous stunts in powered motorboats. 

"Tinny rats" can be seen driving at dangerous speeds in Gold Coast waterways, posing a serious risk to themselves and other recreational boaters. 

In one stunt a "tinny rat" attaches his boat by rope to the underside of a bridge and flips around like an out of control yo-yo. 

Many of the young boaties are sharing their audacious feats online with Facebook page Tinny Bashing, which now boasts more than 100,000 likes.

Police have had enough of the madness and are beginning to crackdown on the reckless teens. 

Sergeant Tony Nelson from Gold Coast Water Police told the Daily Mail the behaviour seems to be getting worse.

"They're proud of the stunts that they can do without having any regard to the consequences of their actions," Mr Nelson said. 

It wasn't uncommon for tinny rats to be driving vessels of over 15 horsepower, he told the Daily Mail.

Many of the drivers were unlicensed, meaning it's illegal for them to pilot boats larger than six horsepower.