Avoid fakes: Sting uncovers $700k in faeces-laced makeup

  • 16/04/2018
Some of the seized makeup products which contained human faeces.
Some of the seized makeup products which contained human faeces. Photo credit: Twitter/Marc Reina

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has uncovered US$700,000 (NZ$951,950) worth of counterfeit makeup containing human faeces.

The LAPD's piracy unit raided 21 locations in a downtown shopping area, some of which were stands selling knock-off cosmetics. The agency had received several complaints from people who claimed their skin became irritated after using makeup bought in the area.

Police seized hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of products which were cheap imitations of popular brands such as Urban Decay and Kylie Cosmetics.

In a tweet, LAPD Captain Marc Reina said that some of the makeup was found to contain bacteria and human waste.

"The best price is not always the best deal!" he wrote.

In response to the raid, Kim Kardashian West tweeted that the discovery was "so gross". She said some of the products seized were counterfeit 'lip kits' from Kylie Cosmetics, her sister Kylie Jenner's makeup brand.

The raid led to six people being arrested on charges of trademark violation, and more than 12 businesses being issued with cease and desist orders.

After a similar bust in February, the counterfeit makeup was seized and tests revealed high levels of bacteria and animal faeces.