Cat treks 19km home, only for family to try to get it euthanised

Toby at the SPCA.
Toby at the SPCA. Photo credit: Facebook/Wake County SPCA

A North Carolina cat who walked 19 kilometres back to its family only to be sent to the shelter to be euthanised has found a new loving home.

Toby's family had tried to rehome him after they decided they no longer wanted him, but when he missed them and walked home they took him to the local shelter to be euthanised.

Fortunately for Toby, the shelter asked the Wake County SPCA if they would be interested in taking the cat - and SPCA staff enthusiastically said yes.

After being put up for adoption at the shelter he found a new loving home on a traditionally unlucky day.

"Toby was adopted on Friday the 13th! His lucky day indeed and the birthday of one of his [new] aunts," the SPCA wrote on Facebook.

Expanding further on his new family, the SPCA said he will be loved in his new home with a big new family.

"Toby has been adopted! He has three new siblings (one feline and two human) and a cat-savvy mom to show him what a loving family is really like," the SPCA said.