Child sucked down drain in Sydney rock pool

Dee Why Rock Pool
Dee Why Rock Pool Photo credit: Manly Australia

A 10-year-old girl has been sucked down a rock pool drain at a popular tourist destination in Sydney.

Myrthe Koning was swimming with her brother at the busy Dee Why public pool in north Sydney when she was pulled into a hole underneath the waves.

When her parents saw her brother panicking, they rushed over and realised she had been sucked into the drain and spat out into the ocean below.

Two nearby onlookers managed to pull Myrthe to safety. She was then taken to hospital where her cuts and grazes were glued and she was given antibiotics.

Her mother, Esther Lammertink, told she's lucky her daughter is alive.

"We didn't even know that hole was there.

"A lifeguard came over, had a look in the water and then he saw it at bottom of the pool."

She reported the February incident to a local beach council, who blocked the hole three weeks later.

Northern Beaches Council's General Environment and Infrastructure manager Ben Taylor told local media a grate is being constructed to cover the hole.