Father who choked stepdaughter's bully reveals what sent him over the edge

A Queensland man who choked his stepdaughter's bully says while he regrets the violence, it got the "job done".

Mark Bladen, 53, was filmed choking the teenage boy at a Brisbane skate park after his daughter called him in tears.

Mr Bladen said he only intended to "give the boy a good old-fashioned talking to", but snapped when the 15-year-old smiled at him as he was about to leave.

"I wanted to belittle him in front of his friends the same as he did to my daughter," he told 60 Minutes on Sunday.

The teenage boy ended up with bruising on his throat and scratches on his limbs, and told a court he had nightmares after the attack.

While Mr Bladen said he was "not proud" of what he did, he said at least his stepdaughter Kalani was no longer being bullied.

She said the boy had relentlessly tormented her about her appearance.

"[He] called me names like gorilla and King Kong, he would buy me shaving cream for Christmas so that I would shave," she told 60 Minutes.

Mr Bladen's wife said while what he did was wrong, it's "what any parent would have done".

Mr Bladen pleaded guilty to assault on March 20 and was fined AU$1000 as well as AU$500 in compensation.