First images emerge of latest bombing in Syria

  • 15/04/2018

The first pictures have emerged of the aftermath of the bombing of targets in Syria.

The US military says the joint air strikes by the US, UK and France have set back Syria's chemical weapons capability "for years".

The target, a chemical research centre outside Damascus, was on the receiving end of 76 of 105 cruise missiles fired at Syria on Saturday. 

Yet while the attack was destructive, it was not deadly - with the missiles being intentionally launched in the early hours of a weekend morning. 

Soon after the dust had settled, supporters of President Bashar al-Assad took to the streets to express the empowerment they felt over the zero death toll. 

"After a week of threats Trump turned out to be all talk," one Damascus resident said.

"This will only strengthen our resolve - we've already been through much worse," a lady said. 

President al-Assad could be seen on state television exuding a casual air of normality.