Food blogger finds glass in takeaway noodles

An Australian food blogger found a piece of glass in her takeaway noodles.
An Australian food blogger found a piece of glass in her takeaway noodles. Photo credit: Instagram/@hellobrisbanenoms

An Australian food blogger has shared a photo of a piece of glass or plastic she found in her takeaway noodles.

Anita On-Chi, who has 33,000 followers on her Instagram account @hellobrisbanenoms, ordered noodles from popular Malaysian restaurant chain PappaRich on Wednesday (local time).

When her meal arrived from the branch in Garden City, Brisbane, she was dismayed to find a piece of "hard plastic or glass" as big as her thumb in the noodles. When she called the restaurant to complain, she says she was "provided with [zero] resolution".

"The employee I spoke to over the phone actually said for me to please post this image up because this was NOT the first time and although previously raised with management... management has apparently done nothing," she wrote.

"I am disgusted. So. Wtf is going on?"

Ms On-Chi later updated the post to say that PappaRich had offered her vouchers to cover the cost of the contaminated meal, which she declined as she "won't be returning".

She also said other people had messaged her to tell her about their own negative experiences with the restaurant, such as contracting food poisoning after eating there.

She claims they told her they received "no response" from management when they complained.

PappaRich opened in New Zealand in 2016, with branches in Auckland and Wellington.