GPS apps causing traffic carnage

Traffic apps have a mind of their own - and don't always take drivers on the best route.

In southern California, GPS is taking drivers on a dangerous detour, causing trouble for them and for homeowners.

The app most people blame is Waze. The navigation app sends drivers on a detour to Los Angele's Baxter St, which looks more like a rollercoaster track. Its 30 percent grade makes it one of the steepest streets in the US.

Neighbours have seen it all, including cars flipped over or stalled and slipping down the hill.

"They took out my trellis, my retaining wall, my picket fence," says one aggrieved local.

"It looked like a plane crashed through my front yard."

It's not just in Los Angeles. GPS-based apps are creating problems across the US.

The city of Leonia in New Jersey solved the problem by restricting side streets to residents only during rush hour, which caused Waze to remove the shortcuts.

As for Baxter St, Waze told CBS News that since "the city has placed a public road there, it should be considered usable within Waze".

Neighbours say Waze needs to do a better job of warning drivers and say the problem can't be curbed soon enough.

CBS News