Group attempting to crowdfund Darude-themed sandstorm detector

A Darude-themed sandstorm detector may be on the way thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign, Project Sandstorm, is asking for £5000 (NZ$9837) to build sandstorm detectors that play Darude's 1999 hit whenever a storm arrives.

According to the device's inventors, the detector will play 'Sandstorm' if it senses a combination of wind and sand in the air.

The speed at which the song plays will change based upon the strength of the wind.

According to the GoFundMe's description, the first detector will be built in the Gobi Desert. It has raised £818 (NZ$1609) so far.

"Desert communities around the world are under threat," the description says.

"How long can we afford to turn our backs on our rapidly shrivelling planet, and how should the morally endowed Western middle classes respond?"

However, despite a professional looking video, the GoFundMe may not be all it claims to be. 

The inventors of the device are supposedly from the company Chin Stroke R&D, but such a company appears not to exist.

Instead there is similarly branded company called Chin Stroke Records that has promoted the GoFundMe across all its social media channels.

Even the "live TV broadcast" embedded in the page description seems to not quite be as promised. The video is from a channel called BangFace TV, which appears to mostly host videos of raves.

Perhaps the world will just have to wait for a Darude-themed sandstorm detector.