'I've gone a bit far': YouTube star faces jail after sick prank on beggar

A YouTuber faces jail after allegedly causing a homeless man to throw up.

Kanghua Ren - known as ReSet to his million fans - filmed himself filling Oreo biscuits with toothtaste and putting them back in their packaging.

He then found a 52-year-old homeless man in the Spanish city of Barcelona - named by authorities as Gheorge - and fed them to him while filming.

"Maybe I've gone a bit far, but look at the positive side - this will help him clean his teeth," Ren is heard saying to the camera in the video. "I think he hasn't cleaned them since he became poor."

Gheorge says he got sick after five minutes and "threw up" the biscuits. He says he has never been treated so badly on the street.

Ren is believed to have earned over $3500 in advertising revenue off the video - but the cruel prank has since backfired.

Spanish prosecutors have charged him with a crime against moral integrity, and are seeking a sentence of two years in prison.

He may also be forced to pay €30,000 (NZ$50,000) in compensation to Gheorge.

The Spanish court has heard how Ren previously attempted to feed sandwiches filled with cats' excrement to children and the elderly.