Indian man keeps his mother's mummified body in the freezer for up to three years

The freezer Majumdar's mother was kept in.
The freezer Majumdar's mother was kept in. Photo credit: Hindustan Times

Police in Kolkata say a man kept his mother's body in a freezer so he could keep receiving her pension.

Suspect Subhabrata Majumdar hid the body for up to three years, keeping it preserved with chemicals.

The bank Majumdar's mother used is now also under suspicion for its failure to notice the woman was no longer alive, the Hindustan Times reports.

"Majumdar used a debit card to withdraw cash from the pension account of his mother," Nilanjan Biswas, Kolkata police deputy commissioner of the south west division told reporters.

"We are investigating why the bank kept the pension account alive for the past three years without life certificates."

Police say they've recovered a number of books on how to preserve bodies from the man's flat.


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