International cult claims Jesus is an alien from Venus

  • 18/04/2018

Christian belief comes in many forms but one group in particular could be seen as a little less than orthodox.

The Aetherius Society is an international organisation that claims to be a growing religion with a global following.

They claim their teachings and philosophy come from advanced intelligence from outer space. 

Headquartered in both Los Angeles and London, the group is planning a pilgrimage known as "Operation Prayer Power" to Holdstone Down in north Devon, England on July 28, The Daily Star reports.

The site is of significance to the group because it's where founder George King supposedly came face-to-face with Christ in 1958. 

Mr King claimed to hear a voice appointing him as an "earthly representative" of an "interplanetary parliament".

"Operation Prayer Power is a Cosmic Mission devised by Dr King in the early 1970s, in which spiritual power is invoked through prayer and mantra and directed into a specially designed physical container for later release," the group's website says.

Mr King died in 1997 but spoke about his experience at Holdstone Down in a documentary, The Daily Star said. 

"I knew, although he didn't tell me, I knew he was Jesus and he had come from the planet Venus - I didn't have to be told, I just knew this," Mr King said. 

Two decades after Mr King's death The Aetherius Society makes an annual pilgrimage to Holdstone Down.