Internet obsessed with Melania Trump beaming beside Barack Obama

Internet obsessed with Melania Trump beaming beside Barack Obama
Photo credit: NBC/screenshot

Melania Trump was beaming while standing next to Barack Obama at the funeral of Barbara Bush, and a photograph of the special moment has gone viral.

Ms Trump attended the funeral of the former first lady without the President and was seated next to Mr Obama.

She looked radiant in his company, prompting the pictures to be compared to her often dour face while with her husband President Donald Trump - including at his inauguration.

It's not clear what the pair discussed, but there's plenty of speculation and fascination.

"Have you ever, ever, EVER seen Melania smile like this, and look this relaxed, beside her own husband? Ever?" asked author Steve Silberman.

"Melania is actually happier with Obama at a funeral than she is with Trump at his inauguration," Twitter user Kimexander Hamilton said.

"Find someone who smiles like Melania Trump does when she's talking to Obama & far away from Donald," former Pentagon staffer Adam Blickstein said.

"Shout out to my man Barack Obama for keeping Melania company while her petulant toddler of a husband is golfing," said A$AP Schatz.

"Did anyone else see the real smile of @FLOTUS ? hangingwith @BarackObama . @realDonaldTrump WAS NEVER able to even do that lol smh still can't measure up," Mahogany Sweets tweeted.

"Add "make Melania smile" to the long list of things Obama can do that Trump can't," said Jeff Tiedrich.

"What an image given the tweets statements, and speeches in the past 445 days. Wonder what President Obama just said to Mrs. Trump," said columnist Yashar Ali.

"It's the 1st smile on her in years. In older photos she's ALWAYS smiling," said former Democrat advisor Philippe Reines.