Man broadcasts his capture of a home intruder on Facebook Live to avoid being shot by police

A Michigan man has recorded a Facebook Live of a man he captured trying to break into his house.

Jonathen Abrams says his daughter told him somebody had broken into the house - he then found a man outside apparently trying to break in again.

An experienced boxer, Mr Abrams punched the man and knocked him unconscious.

He then sat on the man to keep him contained and started a Facebook Live video so anyone watching could see what had happened.

"Now before the police get here, if anything happens to me, I caught a motherf**ing intruder going in here, this motherf**ker grabbed my daughter," he said.

"I had to knock this silly-ass motherf**ker out. Now if I get [shot], you all see that I got him apprehended. I ain't got no weapon on me."

The police quickly arrived and arrested the man. ClickonDetroit reports he was later identified as Jacob Cruz and charged with breaking and entering, although Mr Abrams believes Cruz had more sinister intentions.

"You were here to snatch a kid," Mr Abrams said. "You weren't here for anything else."

Mugshots of Cruz from after the incident show him with a black eye, but according to ClickonDetroit he was well enough to attend court and plead not guilty to the crime.