Mayor's April Fools' 'joke' backfires

Mayor's April Fools' 'joke' backfires
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A mayor's attempt at an April Fools' joke has given some citizens a little less than a laugh.

On Sunday Caroline Cayeux, the mayor of French city Beauvais, thought it would be funny to announce her town was getting an Ikea furniture store, The Local reported. 

An arrival of the furniture megastore would have brought 4000 jobs to the city in northern France. 

However the joke was less than appreciated online, with some calling it inappropriate for raising the hopes of some citizens.

"What a great joke! I'm leaving my town in one week because it's impossible to find a job here," one Twitter user said. 

Another said angrily: "Not only have you mocked your constituents but you have also mocked all those who hope to find a job. Shame on you!" 

Ms Cayeux later went on to apologise on French radio Europe 1, saying the move was unwise and she was sorry some misunderstood the joke.