Melbourne mother has a meltdown after discovering massive spider in her car

The spider.
The spider. Photo credit: Facebook/Mum on the Run

A Melbourne mother's reaction to finding a massive spider in her car has gone viral due to her hilarious commentary as she tried to escape.

Laura Mazza, who runs the blog Mum on the Run, noticed the spider crawling out of the car's dashboard and across the driver side door as she pulled into a drive-through.

She quickly pulled out her phone and filmed as she tried to deal with the arachnid, but she failed to move it on quickly and instead spend most of the time swearing at it.

"Holy f**king shit," she said as the spider sat on the door.

"Oh Jesus, oh my god. Oh f**k."

Soon the spider began moving across the door towards Miss Mazza, who completely lost her composure and screamed in fear.

"Kids, we need to go out of the car. We need to burn this car," she said.

The whole experience was too much for Ms Mazza who vomited in front of her children due to all the excitement.

She finally managed to get the door of her car open, escape and get the spider out of the car, where it ran away.

Unfortunately it may still not be safe though as Ms Mazza's not sure if it's truly gone or has found itself another hiding spot inside her car.

"I can still see and feel it everywhere. I can't stop touching and scratching myself. I don't know if I vomited from disgust or fear," she said.

The nightmare still isn't over through, after witnessing the entire debacle Ms Mazza's children have learnt a new favourite word.

As she finished recording both children demonstrated their skill, giggling and saying "oh f**k" as the video ended.