Outrage after London restaurant's parmesan charge

Chef preparing stuffing for ravioli, grating parmesan cheese
Photo credit: Getty

Enjoy a bit of parmesan on your dish? One London restaurant might make you think twice about it.

When dining at Ombra, a Venetian-style bar and restaurant in Hackney, food critic Rosie French assumed parmesan was an ingredient inclusive in her meal's original cost.

Yet when she received a bill at the end of the night she was shocked to see a NZ$2.95 charge for the added flavour.

"Any thoughts on this 'parmisan supplement'," she wrote on Twitter. "Wasn't mentioned to us during the awkward, painfully slow, grating at the table."

Many responded to the tweet to express their own shock at the charge.

"Never heard of such a thing," one woman wrote.

"What's next? An extra charge for salt and pepper?" one man questioned.

"Surely they shouldn't be allowed to charge extra for something they can't spell?" another said.