Paedophile window washer dressed as Spider-Man, abused children

The man has been sentenced to more than a lifetime in prison.
The man has been sentenced to more than a lifetime in prison. Photo credit: WZTV / Screenshot

A US man who dressed as Spider-Man to wash the windows of a children's hospital has been sentenced to 105 years in prison this week for sexually abusing children.

Jarratt Turner, 36, was found guilty of multiple counts of producing and transporting child sexual abuse images.

"The sentence imposed by the Court should insure that this defendant will never have another opportunity to inflict his perverted sexual desires upon another innocent child," says US Attorney Dan Cochran.

Court records say Turner befriended two families with young children, then took sexually explicit photos and videos of the children while babysitting them.

He then shared images on the internet showing him molesting the infant and the toddler.

Turner also tried to use his job washing windows to access further victims at a children's hospital, according to prosecutors. It is believed his attempt failed.

Undercover investigators were onto Turner, and made contact with him in 2015.

In an email exchange with an undercover cop, Turner admitted sexually abusing the young girl.

"I like boys and girls age two-10," he wrote.

Photo albums he uploaded included image titles like "my little boy".

"Children of this community are a little safer today with this sexual predator behind bars," assistant special agent in charge Robert Hammer told media.

"The fact he would film, and then upload to the Internet, videos of himself molesting an infant and toddler, then take elaborate steps to conceal his activities, represents the extreme danger he posed to the community."